Positively Positive

A few days ago, I had my mid-year review at work and my manager was commenting on how I am always so positive and smiling; she is not the first person to make a comment like this to me, matter of fact, it seems to be a part of my daily life. I work in collections and there are many times I have been told I am the nicest collector they have ever spoke to, I even had someone tell me that my company would get more money that way just because I’m not being rude, but friendly instead (some people even think I’m so sweet on the phone that they call me “hun”, lol!). I don’t know if you have ever noticed when talking to someone on the phone, but you can definitely hear the smile in a person’s voice and I try to make mine shine through day after day, and it pays off.

 My positive attitude and outlook on life has been really good to me. It’s gotten me a few jobs, several friends and just all around makes me enjoy life more. There are those people who just don’t like positive people, so I have had those kinds of people I’ve run into as well, but staying positive helps me not to get down about it.

 I think being positive is also self-consciously part of the reason I want to be a psychology major as well. I have the ability to try to make the best of any situation and see the best in pretty much everybody. In psychology, it seems that this is how many counselors come up with their advice. They try to take the situation that their client present to them, one that might be messy and confusing, find the good in it, and try to help the client see the good and work towards the good. I am looking forward to one day being able to work towards this psychology career goal.

 Being positive does have its downfalls too. A lot of times, people have taken advantage of me being so “happy-go-lucky” and so I have been hurt by that. There have also been the people who have incorrectly assumed that I don’t have feelings or an opinion. I do have both actually. Because I am positive, if I run into someone who just really wants to cut down on me, I think it almost hurts even more because I want to be everyone’s friend and I don’t want anyone mad at me, but I have learned to cope and I try not to let it bother me too much. I also do have an opinion. If I really strongly disagree with something or it goes against my beliefs, I will let someone know and let them know why I feel that way; if it’s something I’m in the middle with, I will discuss it with you, and of course, if I agree with it, then I will be affirming my opinion with you. And yes, even positive people get annoyed. The biggest shocker of all is that even though positive people are mainly positive, they can get negative, angry, and sad at times as well.

 I have not always been this positive of a person though, and I think that comes as a surprise to most people. When I was in junior high and for the beginning part of high school I use to come home and when I would tell my mom about my day, I guess I would complain… a lot. One day my mom got so sick of my complaining that she asked me if anything good had happened and that from then on, I needed to tell her about three positive things to every negative thing I told her. Yikes! That was hard work! At first I’m sure I said something sarcastic like, “The sky is blue” or something of that sort, but after awhile, it just became a frame of mind for me. And like training for a sport, I do have to train my mind to be positive because it is so easy for the negativity to take over because that is human nature for the most part. Look on the front page of the newspaper or a news page on the internet, people feed off of negative news.

 Am I saying I’m perfect at being positive all the time, no not at all. I do have my down days. But since I have trained myself to realign my thinking to sway towards the positive, I have been a happier person. I am thankful that my mom did help me to put into perspective my attitude and helped me shape it into what it is now, and because of that, I am the positive person I am today.


About jenlloyd2005

I love life and am a huge people person. I try to live my life to the fullest potential all the while trying to honor God in everything I say and do as my faith is very essential to my life!
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