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The year is 1784- Meet Willa Obenchain, aka Burning Sky, born into an English-American family and abducted by a tribe of
Native Americans and raised as one for 14 years. “Burning Sky” by Lori Benton tells the tale of a grown woman who has lost
everything in life that has been dear to her for the last several years and starts out on a quest to find the one thing she
thinks she has left, her English-American family. Upon returning, Willa realizes that not even they are left, but all she has left now are relics of the past: an old book she never finished reading the day she was abducted and what is left of her parents’ homestead. Even the homestead is in danger of being sold off due to the possibility that her parents once sided with the British government during the Revolutionary War in a not so British community.

Willa runs into her old dear friend Anni and what is left of her family, as well as her brother who once loved her and wanted to marry her before she was abducted, but has since developed an almost cruel love for her in which he just wants to get from her what he thinks he deserves. Her Native American tribe “brother” also comes into the community while chasing
after a British army deserter and is torn between his love for her and wanting to take her back to their tribe to live amongst the community in which case he would never have an opportunity at marrying Willa. Then throw in a Scotsman who is in the area trying to document the wildlife and it pretty much turns into 3 men competing for her affection. Along the way she meets up with 2 orphans who vie for her love in a different matter and since she has lost her two children, she has to learn to try to love these children again or become okay with letting them go live amongst her old Native American tribe. Several twists unfold throughout the book and at the end comes the biggest surprise, which I won’t give away.

Overall, I thought this book was a little slow moving and difficult to get into until the very last few chapters. I am not sure if it was the book itself or because I was expecting a little more out of it. Per the back cover summary, I was hoping the book would be a little more geared towards the events surrounding her abduction and living amongst the tribe, and adjusting to life there, then coming back home to adjust once again to her English-American life. It does not seem in the book that she is as torn as the back cover indicates. The most torn she seems to get is over the 3 men vying for her attention.

The author did a good job of trying to base the book in the period that she is writing in and you can tell she has done some research on the time; there is the tension that I imagine would be there. I wouldn’t recommend this book for young readers, perhaps more for older teenagers to adults just because it does deal a little more heavily with the love and lust topics and there is a somewhat graphic fight scene that might not be suitable for younger readers.

To check out a preview of this book or order a copy, you can click here

WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group provided this book to me for free in exchange for this honest review as part of their
Blogging for Books program


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