If Shakespeare were to write in modern English, I imagine this would be it

It has been awhile since a book has made me chuckle the whole way through, but Playing the Part by Jen Turano definitely did just that! If Shakespeare put one of his satirical, romantic comedies (and wrote it in modern day English) together with Sherlock Holmes and maybe threw in Mr. T and put the setting in the Victorian era, you would have this novel. I absolutely loved it and in one book, Jen Turano has become one of my favorite authors and I honestly can’t wait to read a few more of her novels!

Lucetta is an actress who is interested in taking care of herself; doesn’t need a man and doesn’t want all the attention of her admirers. Bram is a mysterious guy who lives in a old (I imagine stone), American castle, complete with towers and a dungeon, that has it’s crazy quirks and for the life of him can’t understand why he suddenly has several female admirers waltzing onto his property, especially given that he is a guy who usually keeps to himself so no one finds out his secret. Lucetta finds herself in a bind when one of her stalkers is told he acquired her after winning a gambling game with her step-father, whom she never talks to. After the stalker hunts her down, Bram’s grandmother Abigail, who is also her landlady, decides to whisk her away to Bram’s castle where she believes she will be in safely away from the man.

Upon arrival, Lucetta and Abigail find that Bram’s castle has a mausoleum for the gatekeeper’s hut, cannons are fired at them and some mangy looking dogs are sent their way causing Lucetta to have to jump into the mote surrounding the castle to safely retreat, which is when Bram comes to her rescue, but Lucetta feels Bram is trying to drown her. When things finally get settled and introductions are made and Lucetta is escorted to her room and has a moment alone, she finds that there is mysteriously a goat in her room that doesn’t like ladies in skirts (which most women wore in that time period) and she is chased by it. This is just in the beginning of the novel. The whole book is chuck full of comedy and satirical humor.

Of course you have your hero, but you also have the hero that realizes that the woman he always pictured to be the perfect damsel in distress, is a woman who actually desires to be the heroine and is quite capable of defending herself against crazed goats and men. I don’t want to give away the whole novel, so I will just say you have to read it for yourself. It is bound to be a page turner and make you laugh. This would be one of those novels that I would love to see turned into a movie.

For a preview of the novel or to purchase, please click here.

I received this book free courtesy of Bethany House Publisher’s Blogger Review Program in exchange for an honest review.


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