Fast Food Trivia Paradise

First off, I want to say I am super happy and proud to be part of a book blogging program that has people who write excellent blogs; so excellent, I might add, that some of my fellow bloggers almost convinced me not to read Fast Food Maniac by Jon Hein. However, I am glad that even though their blogs were highly influential on my initial opinion (and truly, I put off actually choosing the book to read for quite some time because of it), that they did not entirely sway my opinion.

Fast Food Maniac is not a book for everyone. If you don’t like fast food, you probably chose the wrong book, and if you’re not a fan of tidbits and facts, history of companies, and the like, then don’t even grab this book because you will not like it. If you’re like me and find these kinds of trivia interesting and enjoy fast food (and want to find out a few Secret Menu items for your favorite fast food place), then you are going to want to pick this book up! I found this book fascinating and really had a difficult time putting it down because I really enjoy that kind of trivia (in a game of normally useless Trivial Pursuit, I would probably rank pretty high on the scoreboards and could rattle off facts that most people don’t save spots in their brain for). Maybe part of it was because my first actual job was in fast food or just because I love to learn facts about most anything.

Jon really gives the book a nice steady reading pace throughout. The information on each restaurant isn’t too overwhelming, but it’s interesting enough to make me want to try some of the restaurants I haven’t and even some of my favorite restaurants to go in and order a “Land, Air, and Sea” (from McDonald’s Secret Menu) just to see what the cashier and the folks in the grill do. For each restaurant, he has a few main facts like their mascot, current and best past slogan, year founded, secret menu items, etc. Then he goes into a little detailed summary of the restaurant and his experiences with it, as well as if it ranked in his opinion of the Top 5 for any categories like best fast food sandwich or fries. Jon also throws a picture or two in from each restaurant, which is just enough to give more of a imagery glimpse into what the restaurant looks like or some behind-the-scenes. This book doesn’t have every fast food restaurant in it because let’s just admit, with all the regional fast food that could be nearly impossible, but he features what he feels is the best of the best and/or most well known nationally and regionally. If you’ve ever been interested to learn more about your favorite fast food place, wanted to take a vacation based around fast food, or even just are like me and enjoy trivia, then I strongly recommend this book because you will enjoy it.

To check out a preview of this book or order a copy, you can click here.

WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group provided this book to me for free in exchange for this honest review as part of their Blogging for Books program.


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