Multiple Cold Case Murder Mystery Novel

I’ll be the first to admit, I am a bathroom reader; it’s usually the only place I can get privacy for however long I choose (or until my legs fall asleep and start getting that tingly hurt) and read. Sometimes I will take one book with me from place to place, and other times I have been known to have as many as 3 different pieces of literature that I am reading during a period of time. Usually I try to keep the subject matter different so it can easily be distinguished in my mind, but this time I ended up inadvertently reading the same genre for two books, which made it difficult to keep things straight. For this review, I am going to actually discuss the book I received to review Traces of Guilt by Dee Henderson. The other one I may discuss at another time.

Both of the books I was reading were suspense/mystery type books. At first, Traces of Guilt seemed very slow moving compared to what else I was reading, and I must admit, I was kind of skeptical on how the book would turn out. Looking back, I realize that while the other book had the page turning drive, this book actually had a complex plot that made you think about what was going on with the characters and try to solve the mystery as the characters were.

In the novel, we meet Evie Blackwell, who is young detective. Evie literally crashes onto the scene while taking a working vacation to a quiet community full of cold cases. From the start, she exhibits a go-getter spirit and you can tell right away that she is one of those people who is not willing to give up a case until it is solved. The first people she stumbles across are small town officers from Carin County, IL who have long since given up on the cold cases she is there to dig in to. Ann, who is a semi-retired veteran detective is also called onto the scene after one of the ex-locals mentions a disturbance she had with her uncle as a child that leads her to believe he committed some awful crimes.

Gabriel Thane is the sheriff in Carin County and pretty much runs the police force with his 2 brothers and help from his retired father. While Gabriel is glad that Evie is in town to try to figure out the cold cases, due to personal connections to the victims he really feels drained and is not really sure that these cases should be brought up to be researched again, especially the case where one of his deputies and his family disappeared. From the personal sentiments and hesitancy to re-open the cases, I thought Gabriel would have had something to do with the murders and disappearances.

What was really interesting to me is as the book started, you knew you had 2 cases they were going to try solving off the bat, and then more cases entered as the book continued on so it really was chock full of points that had me wondering if the cases were related somehow and really what was going to happen. And just when I thought the last case was forgotten about by the author, she pulls it back up to the surface towards the end of the book. There was also a little budding romance theme that was a subplot. I thought I knew how the ending was going to turn out, I was left with a cliff hanger, which while cliff hangers annoy me, it also leaves room for the possibility of another novel to follow or for you to make up your own mind about what happens at the end.

Overall, this was a good book. It’s not a book that is going to have you quickly turning the page, because like I mentioned earlier, I think the author wrote the book how she did so that way you are constantly thinking and trying to help solve the cases; that being said, it still does have a steady pace and does not leave the reader wanting for interest. I would recommend this book for the more mature readers. White there is nothing in it specifically that would be questionable for a young reader and it does have a Christian undertone, it does deal with subjects that a young reader might not be able to understand fully or even a little more graphic than they should be reading.

For a preview of the novel or to purchase, please click here.

I received this book free courtesy of Bethany House Publisher’s Blogger Review Program in exchange for an honest review.


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