How long would you keep a secret

To what length would you go to keep a secret, or better yet, to try tell that secret that has been staying with you for decades when the moment was right, much less to an audience that you’re not even sure wants to listen? A Tapestry of Secrets by Sarah Loudin Thomas explores just that. Perla has a deep secret that has stuck with her for decades regarding who her daughter’s father is. At almost 60 years old, her daughter Sadie is not even sure she really wants to hear the truth as she has always considered her father to be the man who raised her, Perla’s husband, Casewell, who passed on years before.

Perla’s granddaughter, Ella, is a beautiful woman who has guys flocking after her hand over foot. Everyone from the preacher to a construction worker on a hunting preserve several people in town are opposed to, seems to want a date with her. Being almost 30 and already having a failed engagement, Ella feels her biological clock ticking to get married and feels herself pulled in several directions. Perla, seeing something of herself in Ella decides that now is the time to share her secret of Sadie’s father and her story of the summer she lost her innocence before Ella makes the same mistake. Before she is able to, a stroke takes her speaking ability temporarily from her. Ella decides to stay with her grandma to help out while she recovers and all Perla wants to do is tell her story, but is stuck in a land between her coherent thoughts and her incoherent words.

In the meantime while she is staying at her grandma’s, Ella finds out the church that her family helped to build and has been a part of for years, is up for a possible sale to the people who are creating the hunting preserve because the number of congregants are dwindling. She decides to act on it because the building has important historical meaning to her, but is the location of the church really as important as the people it is reaching to. Can a preacher, a construction worker, and her grandma with a limited vocabulary help her see that a church is so much more than a location with ties?

This was a very interesting novel with a complex plot. There are a few different story lines unfolding in the novel, but the author does a great job of closely relating them so that you aren’t completely lost in all that is going on. I haven’t read many novels that deal with topics like stroke so seeing how this challenge was folded into the story made it unique and a page turner. This is a novel that is appropriate for all voracious readers. The younger reader might not fully understand what is happening in the context, but I would have no problem letting my 4th grader read this as well.

For a preview of the novel or to purchase, please click here.

I received this book free courtesy of Bethany House Publisher’s Blogger Review Program in exchange for an honest review.


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