What Do You Do when You are Shaken to the Core?

Have you ever thought that something in your life was absolutely certain? Whether it was a job, a financial situation, health, you name it and you were doing well in it and it was given that this was where you were suppose to be—or so you thought. Then suddenly, without warning, your world just gets turned upside down and you find that everything you were so certain about was stripped from you and you’re left grappling and trying to find the new normal…. and why certain was so uncertain. The point where you questioned and maybe got a little angry at God because you just did not understand why it happened. Tim Tebow has been there; matter of fact, Shaken is all about helping one cope when their world is falling apart and attempting to answer some of the why… and above all, helping the person who is struggling to remember that God is bigger than their situation and to just keep reaching out to Him.

As a Heisman Trophy winner in college at Florida State University and a very early NFL draft pick, Tim Tebow thought that he was on the upward swing and looking forward to a career as an NFL quarterback. Then he got dismissed from the team roster. And again. And again. So sure of what he was doing and having a great relationship with team leaders, the letting go from the team hit him so out of the blue that his world was shaken to the core and left him not sure what to do next. The only thing for Tim to do was to lean heavily on his support network, and to trust in God’s plan for what was next in his life.

This book is not a memoir about Tim’s football career. This is a book where the quarterback becomes the cheerleader and supporter for everyone who has ever had their world shaken and are left wondering what next. Tim gives numerous examples throughout the book of people who thought everything in their life was so certain and then had something crucial happen to them that changed their life path, but how looking back at it, something good came out of those situations. In this book, it is as if Tim is walking you on and encouraging you. He empathizes with those who are currently shaken and assures the reader that even though they might be walking through a tough time, there is hope at the other end. He lists different strategies he’s used to remain focused on God through the trials he’s faces and specific Bible verses that really helped him out along the way.

If you, or someone you know, is going through a really rough struggle in life that is shaking them, I highly recommend you read this book (or give it to them as a Christmas list). Matter of fact, as I was reading the book, names kept popping up in my mind of people I really thought should read this too. Through reading this book, I felt like Tim was a close personal friend who was reassuring me that it’s going to be okay and no matter how big my situation is, my God is bigger and will help me to overcome and that even though I can’t see it now, there is a plan for my situation in life.

Whether you are a Tim Tebow aficionado or have never heard of the football player who lived out his faith on the field, if you are in any way shape or form, you will want to read it. I really think this is a book that transcends all age groups. The child will be able to read and understand this as well as someone who’s elderly. The book is not simple in its content by any means, but it is written in such a way that it is relatable to anyone who has ever gone through an insurmountable struggle in life. A truly encouraging word from someone who has been there.

To check out a preview of this book or order a copy, you can click here.

WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group provided this book to me for free in exchange for this honest review as part of their Blogging for Books program.



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I love life and am a huge people person. I try to live my life to the fullest potential all the while trying to honor God in everything I say and do as my faith is very essential to my life!
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