Romance, Suspense, and Mild Humor lay within this book

For the folks in Pine Gap, Missouri in 1885, life is pretty ordinary. They have their town mayor, postmaster, the usual outlaws, a sheriff who is partially afraid to do his duties at night, and a band of mysterious men that go around at night with sack cloth hats with horns to take care of the outlaws—the Bald Knobbers. The feel life is just fine the way it is, but the state of Missouri doesn’t necessarily see it that way. They feel that Pine Gap is unruly and that the sheriff is a coward so they send a new deputy into town to try straightening things up and they feel that Joel Puckett from Texas is just the guy for the job.

Betsy Huckabee is a budding writer. Not yet syndicated, her main duties involve helping her uncle in his print shop and writing stories to send to the Kansas City newspaper in hopes of getting published—so far, her attempts have been for naught. Feeling bereft of any more publishing worthy stories, Betsy continues looking for that perfect plot. When the new sheriff arrives in town, and is handsome to boot, Betsy imagines just the plot. Make the new sheriff the subject, change his name just slightly (but not his appearance) and voila! It is sure to be the perfect story that will catch the Kansas City newspaper’s attention and the attention of all the female readers in the paper’s vicinity. Her imagination runs wild and she can’t help but start writing about the romance and adventure of the Dashing Deputy Eduardo Pickett.

Betsy begins following Joel around on his journeys and gets to know him even better when he starts having meals with her family each day. Knowing Betsy is a writer, Joel requests that she does not write about his engagements with outlaws or the Bald Knobbers. She follows him on his adventure to stop the Bald Knobbers from harming citizens that aren’t lawbreakers and watches as he tries to convince the Bald Knobbers he is the law and because they are not respecting his authority that they are not obeying the law. Suddenly a lot of mischief starts happening around Pine Gap that could either point to the Bald Knobbers or the lack of respect for the new sheriff. Both the sheriff and the Bald Knobbers feel it is their duty to protect Pine Gap. In the meantime the sheriff who has been replaced is getting angry that he has unwillingly been usurped by this new deputy.

Meanwhile, Betsy is getting awesome material for the newspaper, but as her feelings for Joel grow, she begins to realize the impact not respecting his wish to not write about him might have on their blossoming relationship. After an unexpected kiss from Joel, her days of writing about him are almost over—almost, after she gets one more article out since she is at the highlight of her writing career and her stories are now being published in several papers across the country. When a detective and an officer sent from the governor of Missouri come to Pine Gap to investigate why Joel really left Texas, questions begin flying around Pine Gap and everything starts going out of control. A big question is who tipped off the gentleman to go to Pine Gap in the first place.

For the Record by Regina Jennings is an interesting book from start to finish and one you will want to read. The novel is chock full of romance, suspense, and mild humor, one that is bound to please young and old. This book is family friendly and I would have no problem letting my children read it.

For a preview of the novel or to purchase, please click here.

I received this book free courtesy of Bethany House Publisher’s Blogger Review Program in exchange for an honest review.


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