Tender Prayers for Daughters

Girls go through so many different stages and emotions in life. Matter of fact, sometimes having a daughter can be like you’re the passenger of a rollercoaster. One minute they love you to the ends of the earth and then the next minute you are their worst enemy: so many ups and downs. As a mother of soon to be 3 girls- one who is a teenager, one who is a preteen, and one who is due to arrive any day now (and one boy, poor guy!)- I understand the stages they go through. And as a mother of girls, there are many times I wish I knew the words to pray for them in certain circumstances that have left me speechless and knew how to minister to them in their needs. Teri Lynne Underwood attempts to approach this in her book Praying for Girls, based on her blog “Prayers for Girls”.

This book is tenderly written from the heart of a mother and each prayer is immersed in Scripture with scriptural references from where it comes at the end of the prayer. But it is so much more than just a book of prayers. This is a book that will minister to the heart and soul of mother and daughter alike (and I’m sure this book would even be great for grandmas!).

Teri encompasses a few different categories to pray for regarding our daughters, such as her mind and identity, then each of those categories is broken down into even more specific areas and all are put into an index so if your daughter is really struggling with one area specifically, you can target your prayers on that. Each section starts out with an introduction to why that area is important and then when it breaks down into individual chapters, there is a little bit of a study and/or story that goes with it. After that, Teri has written out several specific, scripturally based prayers in that area for the daughters in our lives using blank spaces for you to insert their names and concluding it with a little bit of a heart to heart with the moms (and a prayer for them as well), and then finally for each chapter she gives some phenomenal tips on ways to minister to daughters of different age groups for each topic. Some ways she suggests are special mother/daughter dates and others are as simple as just talking with them and figuring out where they stand in each area.

Praying for Girls is a tool you can use for specifics when needed or as an overall “love dare” type book for your daughter. This is probably not a book a lot of dads are going to want to read as it is written from a mother to mother standpoint, but I do think that both parents can pray all of these prayers over their daughters. Even though it specifically said girls in the title, many of these prayers were still applicable to my little boy as well and I found myself praying several of them over him. I only wish that there was a book like this specifically for praying for boys because as a mom to a boy too, there are days I need guidance on how to minister to him. I do strongly recommend this book if you are a mother of a daughter because not only will it enrich their lives, it will enrich yours as well.

For a preview of the novel or to purchase, please click here.

I received this book free courtesy of Bethany House Publisher’s Blogger Review Program in exchange for an honest review.


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